Christian Bauer helps people & companies communi­cate meaningful futures through the use of technology — by creating sharp visual experiences. Online, offline and in between.

Profile and Skills

Christian Bauer is a UX/UI–Designer, Developer and Digital Strategist in Berlin and teaches at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). He creates visual identities —focusing on the growing digital world in which we live & communicate— and develops adaptive strategies that break everyday monotony.

A native of Austria, Christian has had the pleasure of working in Sydney, London and Vienna. A Masters in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of Arts (UDK–Berlin) brought him to the vibrant city he now calls his home. He helps busi­nesses adapt to technological change by creating innovative visual spaces.

For example design– & digital projects as , the journal for , the , , , Research Projects like or , the nominated . WebApps & Audiowalks like the recent Exhibition-Parcour »Balade Berlin« (now offline). Furthermore Microsites for conferences & exhibitions, like recently design & dev of the digital & decentralized Right to the City Panel in Germany 2020 and Engager Energy Rights Forum 2021 with hundreds of attendees. Or digital Exhibition help .

B/ Logo of Christian Bauer / Digital Strategy
B/ Logo of Christian Bauer: (drawn as the uppercase alphabetic character B -initial of his last name Bauer-, followed by a forward slash)

As a designer and digital native, Christian translates messages across mediums while shifting the popular borders between physical & digital space— particularly in design & deve­lop­ment. He designs stories, thinks beyond static pages and gives life to authentic digital experiences.

Christian has a broad knowledge of all fields of Design and Creation— including Digital Design, Responsive & Progressive Web­design, User Inter­face & Experience Design with Authentic Motion, App- & Service Design and Visuali­zation of Infor­mation. He incorporates key yet often overlooked 'aspects' in his work: Big Data, Semantics, Privacy, Performance and Accessibility.

Christian works across all disciplines and enjoys using his conceptual problem solving skills to collaborate with clients and team members. In his free time he builds projects as a digital artist or joins his network of talented friends in new creative opportunities.

Christian works between following borders:

  • physical / digital
  • design / development
  • content / semantics
  • clear / playful
  • art / design

Connect and Contact

Every collaboration starts with a conversation—

Christian Bauer, MA Designer & Digital Strategist in Berlin, Germany